The Board of Directors is composed of community volunteers representing different agencies. We are required to have representation from one or more members with a background and expertise in fiscal management and accounting, one or more members with a background and expertise in early childhood education and development, and one or more licensed attorneys familiar with Head Start governing body issues. Additional members from the community may include parents of formerly or currently enrolled Head Start children. Other members are selected for their expertise in education, business administration, or community affairs.

NWMT Head Start is currently looking for members to join the Board of Directors.  Please contact Marcy by phone at 406.752.7011 or e-mail for more information.

Alison HowardChair & Legal Representative
John GardnerVice Chair
Trevor GnauckFiscal Representative
John DanielsonFiscal Representative
Eliza ThomasEarly Childhood Education Representative
Bobbie BertrandPolicy Council Liaison
Jim MephamTobacco Valley Representative
Jason ParceLaw Enforcement Representative