What is An In-Kind Donation  and How Does It Help Head Start?

Northwest Montana Head Start is a non-profit organization that depends on donations and grants to fund its programs.  Head Start is required to raise a certain amount of donations in-kind each year to maintain funding.

In-Kind is a donation of community members’ and parents’ valuable time and effort to help make our program successful.

Basically, an hour of time equals money for Head Start.

As a parent and community member, your time can be used as an In-Kind donation to our program.  By volunteering in the classroom, participating in events, and working with your child, you are donating valuable resources to Head Start and helping us meet our goals!

  • Do you have a skill or trade you could use to help Head Start?
  • Do you know of resources that could be shared with parents?

Build a bookshelf, volunteer for activities, or help keep our grounds clean.  These are some ways you can help Head Start meet its required In-Kind goal.  If you can think it, we can use it.

For More Information or to Donate:

Contact Margie at 406-752-7011 for more information on ways you can help Head Start!