Education Manager

Open until June 1, 2017

If you are interested in this position please submit a letter of intent, application, resume, transcripts, and any pertinent letters of recommendation to:

Chelsey Padgett – 79 7th Avenue EN – Kalispell – MT – 59901 – 406.752.7011


Required Qualifications:


1.       Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and equivalent coursework in early childhood education with early childhood teaching experience.

2.       Management and supervisory experience.

3.       Effective writing ability.

Preferred Qualifications:

1.       Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

2.       Experience working in a Head Start program.

3.       Knowledge of state and community resources.

4.       Training and experience in family support services.

5.       Community involvement.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.     Plan, administer, and implement the early childhood development services as outlined in education service delivery plan, policy and procedure, and program standards.

2.     Stay abreast of current advances in child development theories, curriculum, and educational techniques.

3.     Work collaboratively with the Disabilities Manager to ensure that disability services are fully integrated into program activities.

4.     Administer education budget, and prepare reports, education service delivery plan, etc. as required by the Director, Board of Directors, and funding entities.

5.     Implement, compile, and analyze child development program effectiveness, child outcomes, and provide report to the Director quarterly.

6.     Conduct regular monitoring to ensure program quality and compliance with work plans, policy, and procedure.

7.     Ensure that:

a.    lesson plans and classrooms are developmentally appropriate

b.   individual goals, objectives, and activities are available for each child

c.    education files are complete and updated

d.   classrooms are safe

8.     Supervise and evaluate education staff in compliance with agency policy and procedure.

9.     Maintain an appropriate record-keeping system as outlined in policy and procedures.

10.     Evaluate the training needs of the agency in the area of early childhood education.  Prepare and implement a plan annually to include staff training needs and parent education.  Work with parents and staff in the development of the training.

11.     Recommend early childhood education program goals and objectives in conjunction with the Early Childhood Education Committee.

12.     Collaborate with other managers and the Director to deliver services to children and families and ensure parent involvement in the program.

13.     Ensure quality and constant coverage in the classrooms and be available to substitute teach.

14.     Collaborate with community agencies and public schools to expand the program and provide extended quality of services.

15.     Provide for enhanced community knowledge and education about NWMTHS’ funding, mission, program, and vision.

16.     Facilitate implementation and ensure compliance of required educational home visits as outlined in policy, procedure, and program standards.

17.     Work collaboratively with nutrition staff to ensure implementation of USDA standards in all classrooms.

18.     Work with parents, other team leaders, and staff to promote the parent’s role as primary educators of their children and the wellness of family units and children.

19.     Team with Disabilities Manager and Director as mentor coach for education staff.

a.    Work with individual teachers to set goals for on-going education and training;

b.   Monitor teacher’s completion and progress of AA/BA plans;

c.    Mentor teachers individually in areas where they need support and affirmation.

20.     Perform other duties as assigned.

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