Education Services

All Head Start classrooms are staffed with qualified teachers with degrees and/or certification in the field of early childhood education.  At least two adults ensure the safety of the children at all times.  Head Start provides classroom activities geared toward each child’s level of development and allows parents to help plan child-centered lessons.  Weekly instruction includes language and reading, math, social and emotional development, creative arts, science, and physical activities.  As your child develops, his or her progress will be shared with you at parent-teacher conferences throughout the year.  Teacher advocates will assist families with setting goals for their children.  Head Start collaborates with area schools to help children and families with the transition into kindergarten.

Health and Nutrition Services

Head Start promotes the healthy physical development of your child and wellness for the whole family.  We encourage families to establish practices of healthy living.  Children receive vision, hearing, and growth screenings and families are assisted with locating doctors and dentists for ongoing care.  While at school children receive freshly prepared meals served family style.  Health, nutrition, and safety lessons are included in the curriculum.

Family Services

Head Start is more than a pre-school for children.  It is a support system for its families.  Through home visits and parent teacher conferences, teacher advocates get to know their families so they are better able to assist the child and the family.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in the program by joining their Parent Center Committee and Policy Council.  Family Fun Nights and parent training events are other ways to participate.  By volunteering in the classroom or on field trips families can contribute to their child’s Head Start experience.  To learn more about parent involvement opportunities, see your child’s teacher advocate or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 752-7011.

Transportation Services

Our transportation staff prides themselves on safe driving.  All buses are equipped with safety harnesses designed for preschool children and a staff bus aide is present on every bus run.  Transportation is provided to and from school at designated bus stops for the families who have the greatest transportation needs.  We transport all Head Start children to and from classroom field trips.  Our buses are an extension of the classroom.

Disabilities Services

Each child is a unique individual who brings his or her own challenges to the learning process.  Developmental screenings are provided to all students and help identify those children in need of additional services.  Head Start works with parents, program staff, local education and community agencies, and other professionals to obtain any special needs services.  At Head Start we strive to equip parents with the tools they need to be effective teachers and supporters of their children. At Head Start every child is given opportunities to be as involved and independent as possible while developing a positive attitude about themselves and others.