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NW Montana Head Start FAQ


How can I enroll my child in Head Start?

You can pick up an application; call to receive one by mail; download an application from our website; or complete one online.


Will my child need to be potty trained?

No! We will work with you and your child regarding their toileting needs.


If my child has special needs, will they be eligible for Head Start?

Yes! We welcome children of all abilities and collaborate with local school districts to implement plans for each child's specific needs.


How much does the program cost?

All NWMT Head Start services are provided at no cost.


Should I still apply if I am over income?

Yes, you should still apply! While we are considered an income based program, we are better described as a needs-based program.The enrollment team takes every family's situation into consideration.


What health requirements are required to apply?

All children will need current well-child and dental exams and immunizations (if they are behind we will work with you to get caught up!). Lead testing provided on site.

How old does my child need to be to enroll?

Age eligibility to enroll is 3 to 5 years. If a child turns 5 by September 10th, they are then eligible for Kindergarten enrollment.


How do I volunteer?

There are many ways you can volunteer! Contact our volunteer coordinator at 406-752-7011 for more information.


Northwest Montana Head Start Preschool Locations  Locations


Northwest Montana Headstart Kalispell Location

Kalispell Center

79 7th Avenue East North
Kalispell, MT

Phone: (406) 752-7011
Fax: (406) 755-1916


Northwest Montana Headstart North Valley Location

North Valley Center

80 Railroad Street
Columbia Falls, MT

Phone: (406) 892-4144
Fax: (406) 755-1916


Northwest Montana Headstart Kalispell Location

Tobacco Valley Center

335 6th Street
Eureka, MT

Phone: (406) 297-5507
Fax: (406) 755-1916